Efficiency in rock crusher facilities

Working environment of aggregate plants are very dusty and heavy, it is very important to repeat regular lubrication of the main machines like crushers and screens. On such sites, companies generally use greases having tackening agent which is believed to have been good due to the sticky behavior, on the contrary, the protection class is a very  low type grease. Today, having stronger fiber structure Lithium based grease having EP (extreme pressure) additive would be far enough to use. Depending on the climate NLGI 1 or 2 consistency could be selected.

In manual lubrication, lubrication cycle is every 8 hours and any mis-lubricated point is very likely to invite an unexpected failure in the bearings.

So is it possible to prevent such irregularities? Regular and controlled lubrication system can be applied in the rock crusher facilities?

  • Yes, it’s possible. When hundreds of agregate plants works by using central lubrication system and happy.

The companies who use centralized lubrication system, starts the game 1-0 compared to manually greased plants.

I can summarize the benefits of the CLS (centralized lubrication system) as follows:

  • Lubrication is controlled under determined points
  • Efficiency; the lubrication guy spend 1 hr mostly for the control of the system. All other exceeding time, he can work in different areas other than lubrication,
  • Protect environment; CLS consumed very less grease, such as 50% decrease compared to manual greasing
  • Increase in bearing life time; CLS commonly lubricated each 20 minutes, having injected fresh grease in every 20 mins, bearing life time increase

Given all these benefits, enterprises, leaving the old layout lubrication procedures, is of paramount importance to start using central lubrication systems. You can contact +90 212 556 8308 for more information.