Multi-outlet pumps

LUBRIMAC-ACC101D12These are 12/24 VDC feed pumps located in the distributor body. There are 2 main types. 12 holey body, 24 holey body. The number of holes refers to the maximum number of lubrication points. For example, in an equipment that you will make lubrication up to 10 points, body with 2 outputs should be used.

One injector with ACC.PU.xx product code must be installed for each lubrication point. Unused holes should be sealed with ACC.KRT blind plug. Pumping unit of the previously used and desired now to be cancelled should be removed and a blind plug should be inserted transversally. Blind plug should not be placed on the pumping unit output. This will cause the pump to strain.

ACC101 Series pumps can be used with moderate industry and construction machines and equipments. Thanks to its injectors on 4 different flow rates, you can pump from same pump at different volumes. It has the oil pumping capacity of 0.5 to 50 g per minute.

We recommend you to use with the lubricants in the range of numbers at SAE 80 to NLGI 1. A wide range of different types of oil use, from the injection molding machines, chain lubrication, oil injection system and a wide range of applications up to feed grease deposits. Top filling cover is optional, please ask.