New Product Release (ACC-101 Multi Line Pump)

Lubrimac now developed a new type of multi line lubrication pump series which is easy to apply and to use.

ACC-101 pump works with 24 VDC electrical supply. Basic priciple is each small pumping units deliver the lubricant directly to the bearing. Pump body has 2 different outlet capacity ( 12 and 24 outlets). If you don’t use and outlet, it should be closed with plug.
The advantage of this multi line pumps is each line is working independent of the others.
Small pumping units have 4 different stroke volumes.Each pumping unit has a scar on its body indicating the stroke volume difference.

Direct models have no control card embedded, external control unit should be used.
Lubrimac recomends EXT.CU.101 control unit to be used together where there is no PLC control avaliable.