LGX Progressive Distributors


Lubrimac LGX progressive distributors are modular type distributors. It comprises of initial and termination blocks and recess slices there between when generating blocks. At least 3 recess slices should be used. We recommend using of 10 recess slices, that is use of 20 outputs. There is no problem reports regarding the blocks with 22 or 24 outputs.

You can distribute different rates of oil in same block with different volumetric flow rates of 0,5 cc, 0,10 cc and 0,20 cc. The blinding of any output on the block is required, stay bolts are needed to be removed. Only 1 output can be switched of for a recess slice. You can find the directive in LGX block manual about how you can do it.

Outside of blinding, you can also provide volumetric difference by bridging process; you can find the directive in LGX block manual about how you can do it.

It is possible to place a visual indicator pin or a flow sensor to your blocks. It must be determined in advance in so many progressive blocks. One of the most important features of Lubrimac LGX progressive blocks is that these accessories can be plugged in later.

Indicator pin is the equipment that allows you to track the oil is distributed throughout the blocks when the pump is running. In each cycle indicator pin moves back and forth one time. It indicates that oil is sent to each line connected to distributor a time.

We encourage you to read Lubrimac Progressive Block LGX manual before making any changes to the LGX blocks.